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WORLD OF WEARABLE ARTS LOAN OBJECT: The winner of the International Design Award and placed third in the Avant-garde Section for 2015. The garment is titled, Mona, described by the designers as, Silence of the Moon. It was designed by Kerryta Chan, Wong Lam Yeung, and Emily Lau, from the Hong Kong Design Institute, and is made of neoprene [commonly used for wetsuit material] and coarse acrylic pumice gel. Mona is rather understated by World of Wearable Art standards, consisting of a cocktail frock-like dress topped with a shiny white neoprene bolero jacket. The bodice and skirt of the garment look like rough textured grey rock. The skirt resembles a tortilla suspended from the tight, boned bodice, with craters and hillocks in shades of darker greys and browns. The entrance to the exhibition proper is back and to the right of this display case. Words projected with lighted letters onto a black wall read “Enter the orbit of our beautiful, extraordinary, wonderful Moon”

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