Welcome to the Museum Reader of Our Moon, where you can read and listen to a professionally transcribed description of the exhibition. Our Moon: Then, Now and Beyond, in partnership with Rata Foundation, Cawthron Institute and the Embassy of the USA, presents the story of our people’s long relationship with the Moon, our present understanding and our visions of the future. It is on at the Nelson Museum from December the 20th 2019.

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Pre-show notes: The visual theme for the entire gallery is deep black walls, black display panels and ceiling, with displays brightly lit points in the otherwise dimly lit space. All images relating to the moon are circular panels, rather than circles painted onto a square background. Section A is text-heavy, with little interactive content until the third wall, where there is a touchable reproduction of the Tycho Crater, and a puffer to experience the smell of the moon. Section B contains the Hannah Behere tunnel, and out of sequence, a 4 metre replica of the moon, which is located near the exit. As you arrive at the top of the stairs and cross the lobby to the exhibition entrance, directly ahead of you is a panel with 3D lettering in white, spelling out, “Our Moon then, now and beyond." The word moon is is large and irregularly sized, and back lit to be outlined in a yellow glow. To the left is a cabinet housing a loan object from the world of wearable arts.

The web links follow.