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A contemplation of the cosmos

Enter this tunnel and imagine taking steps into the unknown reaches of deep space. The imagery is based on a nebula hidden inside the Large Magellanic Cloud. Nebulae are clouds of gas and dust. They can be birthplaces of new stars, but also the remains of dead or dying stars.

The Large Magellanic Cloud is a neighbouring galaxy that orbits our own galaxy, the Milky Way. It can be seen from Earth as a smudgy patch in the night sky. It is not part of our solar system and is very far away from Earth and our Moon.

About the artist Hannah Beehre lives and works in Ōtautahi (Christchurch). Her works use unexpected contrasts and shifts of scale to establish visually intriguing relationships and to suggest forces beyond human control. In 'Tunnel' (2018) the viewer is situated within and is subject to the environment rather than existing in a position of dominance over it.

The artist is represented by Nadene Milne Gallery. Hannah Beehre would like to thank Rebekkah Pickrill, Peter Van Kempen, Leo Reiger, Sam Strati, Teresa von der Heiden, Jonathan Smart, Heather Galbraith, Deborah McCormick, staff at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts and the team at Canterbury Museum where this work was first displayed. Courtesy of the artist, Canterbury Museum and Scape Public Art Trust.